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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 25, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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a live look outside tonight as clouds roll into the bay area ahead of storms and some much needed rain. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. rain is on the way it's not going to end the drought but it's much needed rain. and we begin with our chief meteorologist bill martin and the first storm that's due tomorrow. >> yeah there's two of these storms coming in frank. let me show you where they are. the first one is going to get here tomorrow. here's storm number one. here's storm number two. this one gets here tomorrow.
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you can see the atmosphere moistening up. you can see it right here getting radar returns. not getting reports that it's hitting the ground. all this moisture coming in is going to provide fuel for this storm as it comes in tomorrow. wednesday at 2:00 a.m. late tonight after midnight you see showers start to come in. we push forward into the morning commute. at this point you have showers showing up in the north bay up around santa rosa. light showers as we push into the 10:00 hour the showers thicken up. oakland starting to get wet. san francisco you're wet at noontime as well. the real push of this storm will be wednesday. we'll see you back here. tonight south bay water customers are being asked to cut back even more not 10% of their water use by 20%. ken pritchett is live. he found out if recent calls
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for water conservation are actually paying off, ken. >> reporter: the santa clara valley water district tonight has voted to set a higher level of water reduction so that can be achieved in water conservation. and the numbers are revealing that people in the bay area are conserving more. we had one storm in the bay area this year with more rain on the way. but it's too late to prevent calls for water use reduction. >> reporter: tonight the water
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district spoke about water well. san francisco puc asks for a 10% reduction. it says customers are clearly conserving more water but the numbers will not be in until next week. water use is down 17% would compare to a similarly week in february last year. and east bay mud asked for a 10% reduction just a week ago and announced today conservation is already at 4.3%. >> we still have a ways to go. we want to get to 10% at least if not more. we think it's really a good start. >> reporter: east bay mud spokeswoman andrea pook says that customers are using less water than they did in the 2010 drought. >> it's getting water each drought. because we already have the low flush water toilet or low flush water head or whatever.
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>> reporter: customers are cities for example here in the south bay. it's asking those cities to meet that 20% target. and it's asking those customers to meet that target by taking mandatory steps if necessary. in san jose, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. stay with us for continuing coverage at 10:30 what the chp wants you to do to your car tonight ahead of tomorrow's rain. then first thing tomorrow, turn to the ktvu morning team for up to the minute traffic and weather. bill will be back later in this hour with the complete bay area forecast. new video tonight of a coast guard search for two men after their boat ran aground. it happened around 6:00 tonight. the two men on board were able to get to near by rocks but they didn't know where they were and called for help. it took police less than an hour to call police in a fenced in area. neither man was injured they
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were just cold and wet. new at 10:00, patti lee live where a permanent tribute to those officers is about to be dedicated. >> to mark this first anniversary. the santa cruz police department will be dedicating this garden tomorrow morning. it'll be a private ceremony but just a few hours ago there was a private vigil down the street at city hall. >> reporter: a candlelight service started with a moment of silence followed by song. >> ♪ on february 26 of last year, santa cruz police officer baker and butler were shot and killed by a sexual assault suspect after they knocked down his door. >> i miss my best friend. he's my hero. >> reporter: adam baker says
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time has not healed the hole left from the death of his father. i miss him, we used to call ourselves the three amigos. >> it's just bringing all those i motions back. >> reporter: adam baker says the emotional support has been invaluable. >> the pivotal point in my healing process has been all the support and love that everyone has given us. >> reporter: many in this crowd told us they have never met the honored officers and their families but came to show they cared. meantime other first responders say the ceremony was a double edged sword ripping open old wounds by also helping them heal. >> seeing the community is always helpful in reminding us what we're there for. >> reporter: you can't see them now but on these two boulders are photos and plaques honoring sergeant baker and detective butler. and on this boulder this will
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tell the story of what happened last february 26th all of this will be uncovered tomorrow morning. and on view for the public after that. reporting live patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. now the mother and girlfriend pleaded not guilty to the charge of murdering the woman's 3-year-old daughter. they're accused of killing caley fletcher. putting her body in a freezer. sarah crougar died. her boyfriend sat quietly. outside of court crougar's father lashed out at the media. >> you people have brutalized this case. hung my daughter and tried her before anything could ever happen. so you know what, go away. >> reporter: prosecutors have
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subpoenaed the girl's hospital records looking for signs of prior abuse. there's a new development in the asiana plane crash that killed three people last summer at san francisco international airport. today they announced they have fined asiana for failing to communicate with families in a timely manner. the airline took five days to contact with families. this is the first time the agency has issued this type of fine. asiana flight 214 crashed last july after it clipped the sea wall at the end of the run way while trying to land. archaeologists plan to take a look at the construction side of the new transbay terminal in downtown san francisco. after the remains of a native american were found there today. contractors made the discovery this morning 60 feet underground at the construction site on fremont street near
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mission. the coroner confirmed that the remains belonged to a native american. now the native american heritage commission will apoint what is called a most likely descendent to determine whether the remains will remain on be moved construction will not be affected. buried treasure found by a northern california couple out walking their dog. as noelle walker reports they found hundreds of gold coins from the 19th century in near mint condition. and worth an estimated $10 million. >> reporter: if these rusted old canisters could tell a story we would all lean in. >> this is as cool as it gets. >> reporter: a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow that stretches back to california's gold rush days. a couple walking their dog on their gold country property found a can sticking out of the dirt. they weud -- widdled it out
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with a stick and dug it out carefully. >> just looking at it, it looks like it was minted yesterday. >> i said just about how many are they? and they said, we found about 1,500 of them. >> reporter: this coin alone is worth $1 million. >> i have never seen anything like it in my life and i will never see anything like it again. >> reporter: kagan wrote the book on gold rush coins. >> some of these are finist there is. it's exciting for someone like me. and it isn't just the coins. i've done this for a long time but it's the story. >> reporter: it's a snapshot of our history. a time when putting money in the ground seemed safer than putting it in the bank. in fact, the couple who found
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these coins pulled a page from history. >> the first thing they did when they were done organizing the list they buried it again. >> in tiburon, noelle walker, ktvu news. >> can you imagine. you can own a piece of history for a price. the coin collection goes in sail in may on and kagan's own website -- goes on sale in may on we're going to trace the steps this palm tree takes before it's rooted in history. arrested 22 times for the same crime. >> have you been arrested before. >> millions of times. they always arrest me. what happens when jail time is not enough. >> and more on this derailed train. the safety recommendations made years ago.
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tonight 2 investigates the b.a.r.t. derailment. we already knew last friday's incident happened at the same site as a 2011 derailment. now we've obtained the report from that previous derailment. jana katsuyama read through the type print and asked b.a.r.t. what changes have been made. >> reporter: 2011 accident investigation reveals similar similarities between the two incidents. both involve 10 car trains that were not fully loaded but just a light weekend crowd in 2011 and no passenger load last
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friday. both derailments happened at a switch point where two sections of tracks cross over just south of the concord b.a.r.t. station. in both cases it appears the front set of car wheels went one direction while the back set went another. in the 2011 accident report investigators say four factors contributed to the derailment. one was the train's side to side movement at the switch point. and they found an unusual groove at the circumference of the wheel. b.a.r.t. investigated the wheels of 39 cars and found 30 with similar grooves. the grooves were caused by a batch of bits that were purged from the system. that 2011 finding prompted b.a.r.t. to investigate switch points.
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and the system is now being checked quarterly. we asked a b.a.r.t. spokesperson if b.a.r.t. implemented other recommendations and she says b.a.r.t. did revise ed maintenance standards. increased inspectors training and hired an outside consultant to recognize improvements. a study that is still ongoing. also tonight i asked the investigators about the switch point. she told me they were all inspected within the last three month and all of those met those new revised standards. >> how long do you think it will be before b.a.r.t. knows the true cause of that derailment. >> it could be weeks. we're really going to have to wait and see what the investigators find. now to the south bay where police in san jose have arrested three people for a hit- and-run death.
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24-year-old andrew reynoso charged with homicide. the killing happened nine days ago. alreque was hit on snell avenue. and police say it was not an accident. and that it stemmed from a gang related fight that happened at the flea market. they are looking for a her mercedes with rear damage. today caltrans responded to criticism saying yes the bridge has its flaws but no bridge is perfect. and we asked the bridge's chief engineer about those flaws today. he insists the new span is safe. he says it can withstand an
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earthquake. chief engineer ryan malonie told us the new bridge would likely sustain damage in a big quake but it could be repaired and reopened quick. >> can you get a fire truck, can you get a water truck. can you get a flow of people going back and forth to work. so the bay area can rebuild itself? i'm confident. >> reporter: maroney said some bridge critics could have credentials but did not work on the bridge. and tend to use the word could talking about the problems. tonight we're learning more of all the time, money and effort being spent on these trees. we're live after speaking to a homeowner who is selling his palm tree for the bridge landscaping. >> reporter: that walnut creek man was said to shell out thousands to have that tree removed because it was growing too close to the house. but then he drove across the bay bridge and suddenly he had a better idea.
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an idea that would allow his problematic palm tree to one day blow in the breeze on the most expensive bridge in the world. that idea is starting to come to life. contractors were preparing to remove the 20-year-old canary island palm from the front yard of his home. the homeowner did not want to talk on camera about the bridge selection. but he said receiving $1,000 for the tree is better than the $3,000 they were going to pay to remove the tree. >> really best friends of us from england moved here and i think it was 79. we helped them plant those trees. and they were a little smaller than they are now. >> reporter: before this now 20- foot tree takes its play in the median it will first be checked
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for disease. it will be put on a truck and make the trek to river side where it will be planted on this waiting yard. waiting room for the plant to be examined. all of it driving up the cost to each tree to about $10,000. >> is there a better alternative? >> i don't know what other trees were looked at. again the landscape architect thought this was the most appropriate tree for what we wanted to convey and what we wanted to do. >> reporter: i'm told a 60-ton crane will be brought in. 22 more trees are set to be planted here. frank and julie the man in charge of finding them. the so called palm tree scout. he told me today he needs more. if you have a tree you're looking to get rid of. be sure to go to our website and we have a man that just might pay you for it.
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heather holmes. we have two radars working. we're picking up a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. this weather system is going to be here tomorrow it starts today with the clouds. then tomorrow we might see showers at the bay. you see showers showing up around santa rosa, north of that area. out by point rays and just offshore. we push forward now to lunchtime and now it really starts to move in. still pretty dry south of oakland and fremont. but you see the rain moving in after lunchtime and then bang there you go. it's going to be a wet wednesday afternoon commute. there's more rain offshore as you go into the evening hour. 9:00 it starts to break up a little bit. your morning commute looks dry for the most part. afternoon commute you can count it to be wet for the most part. when i come back that's storm number one. i bet storm number two tees up. we'll talk about the mountains and the five day forecast with more rain. we'll see you back here. apple released a critical security update today for people who use mac computers.
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the patch fixes a bug that if left unaddressed could allow hackers to intercept e-mails and other communications for mac users. apple issued a similar patch that affects the same vulnerability for the iphone, the i pad and the iphone touch. a north bay slaughter house under criminal investigation. up next the plant intentionally bought sick cow aepbs one way it tried to mis -- sick cows and one way it tried to mislead the investigation. >> and what she is determined to do by the end of the year after a paralyzing injury. [ male announcer ] an explanation of the kind of
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a bay area congressman says federal invest investigators are looking into a meat company
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tried to deceive the inspections. the slaughter house bought animals with eye cancer and then cut off their heads to make them appear healthy. the company recalled 9 million pounds of meat. the slaughter house has now voluntarily closed down and in the process of being sold. all too often we hear about people who carry out gun violence. less often we hear the stories of the innocent victims. tonight a courageous teenager tells rob roth she's determined to fulfill her dreams despite being paralyzed by a stray bullet nearly three months ago. >> i kind of didn't know instantly. >> reporter: romero says through physical therapy and determination she's able to move one leg this much. >> it's going to take time for me to build up walking around with the braces and walker. >> reporter: she's permanently paralyzed from the waist down
10:25 pm
but she knows how she could have not been here. >> i am glad that i'm paralyzed instead of not being here. >> reporter: she tell us what happened the night that a bullet went through the wall of her house. >> it went through the house and hit me here. as the two dove on to the floor dominique felt a sharp pain. >> i started to scream because i felt something. >> then something went wrong with her legs. >> it felt like they were going to sleep. the feeling went from normal to going to sleep to i completely can can't feel them. i was panicking really bad. i was saying i can't feel my legs. >> reporter: a few weeks later in the hospital doctors told her she would never walk again. >> i'm still determined to walk. >> reporter: dominique has recently moved out of richmond
10:26 pm
to get away from the violence to begin a new phase of life in a new apartment with her boyfriend in sacramento. she has received hope from friend online and donations. she is going to college. >> it should not stop me or anybody else. they should still do what they want to do. >> rob roth, ktvu news. san jose city leaders are considering a new proposal to get firefighters to medical emergencies faster. today firefighters rushed to get to a biker hit by a truck. firefighters got there quickly. earlier this month the county voted to withhold payments. the council is now considering expanding a pilot program where a two person medical crew responds to emergency instead
10:27 pm
of four people. >> we can get to more medical emergencies faster, much more efficiently than we can with four or five firefighters in a truck or engine. it just makes time and sense. >> the two person crew is still evaluated but say the four person crew is more effective. >> don't be such a killer. >> reporter: she lost one pet to a poisoned meat ball. why spotting these treats can be more difficult with time. expect slow going tomorrow when it rains. find out what you can do tonight before heading out tomorrow.
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we are back on storm watch tonight as the first in a series of wet weather systems
10:30 pm
is getting ready to move on shore. ktvu's chief meteorologist bill martin says the rain should arrive by mid-morning and later in the day we can expect wind gusts of 20 to 30 miles per hour. ktvu's amber lee is live where she has found signs of the approaching storm, amber. >> reporter: julie we're at the richmond san rafael bridge which is under a high wind advisory as is the cardenas bridge. be careful and slow down. the wind advisory went up this afternoon. the rain is expected tomorrow and chp says there's something you can do ahead of time. >> what we're asking people to do is check your vehicles tonight before you head into work tomorrow. take five minutes, check your tire pressure. make sure you still have threads on your tire left over. make sure your windshield wipers are working properly. >> reporter: this evening's overcast skies and choppy water nearly hinted at what may be in
10:31 pm
store the next few days. the forecast for rain brought in a steady flow of customers at this ace hardware on university avenue. >> i think i should probably buy some kind of poncho would be a good idea. >> when it rains you can say it pours. >> people started coming in. it's the height that it's going to happen they need to start stockpiling now. >> reporter: all in high demand some in low supply. marquise monroe brought us to the back room to show us sandbags. >> today the sandbag stock was up to here and now it's down to here. it's getting to the final count down people are starting to come in more and more and more. the big storm is supposed to be on friday. i guess thatten o thursday it's going to be packed. >> reporter: the highway patrol says allow extra time to where you need to go and expect longer commute times with rain in the forecast over the next few days. live at the richmond-san rafael
10:32 pm
bridge toll plaza, amber lee, ktvu channel two news. an update now on a two investigates story from last night involving an elementary school in oakland and parents concerns about a lack of supervision and children fighting out on the playground. we obtained this video of a fight that we're told happened in december at fruitvale elementary. parents are blaming a decrease in staff which is causing the problem. >> it's a very safe school. the teachers are very upset about this because they pride themselves on the safety of the school and caring and the kindness of the school and the work they do there. so it's a great place. we've never had any major incidents here. referee: the district says plans going forward could include implementing anti
10:33 pm
bullying programs if needed. police say 19-year-old guillermo alexis alvarez should be considered armed and dangerous and should not be approached. investigators say alvarez one one of three men in the death of lopez. lopez was fatally shot just three feet away from an elementary school. the victim's first child is due in may. five members of the king city police department including the acting chief were arrested today as part of a widespread corruption scandal. in a sixth person the former chief was also arrested. the six men are accuseed in a scheme to steal from poor hispanic people then sell the cars. the people arrested make up 4% of the police forest which is located in southern monterey county. prosecutors say what happened they towed the vehicle then when the owners could not pay the fines they sold them.
10:34 pm
san diego's police chief bill haggens is retiring. the 69-year-old is the chief of san diego for the past ten years before that he served as chief of san jose and richmond. there are new concerns tonight that someone is once again trying to poison animals in san francisco with tainted meat balls. more than 20 meat balls were found over the weekend in the twin peaks neighborhood. david stevenson spoke with a pet owner who's dog had a very close call. >> reporter: timber is resting at home after owner tom door spotted her eating a poisoned meat ball on a trail. >> i panicked and i tried to get her to vomit it and it just didn't work. >> reporter: the vet was able
10:35 pm
to remove evidence. >> reporter: animal control officers worry it's becoming harder to spot them. >> they're decomposing basically they're turning dark and they're blending in with the foliage out there. >> we have to find this person. >> reporter: dorothy shelter is especially angry. her beloved dog was killed by a poisoned meat ball last july. a.j. sniffed out two meat balls a block away from her home. >> whoever this person is. stop it. for heavens sake, don't be such a killer, it's not nice. >> reporter: these clay like balls were found on a sidewalk. the department's crime lab is analyzing all the meat ball specimens and today met with officers to compare notes in the case. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. an encouraging development
10:36 pm
tonight in the fight against childhood obesity. the centers for disease control reports that obesity rates among children two to 5 years old dropped from 14% in 2004 to 8% in 2012. the findings will be published tomorrow in the findings of american medical association. researchers have yet to pinpoint exactly what caused obesity rates to fall but they note that nutrition and physical activity programs at child care centers have improved in the last 10 years. coming up, arrested 22 times for the same crime. >> do i look like i'm a criminal? >> reporter: two investigates why a retraining order can't keep him away. >> rain, powerful winds and snow in the mountains. there's even a chance for a thunderstorms. i'm breaking down everything this latest storm is bringing and how long it will last. >> and next. >> you have to be very aware of the scams that are going on. >> the con getting thieves inside bay area homes. >> he was very convincing. ♪
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san leandro police are warning residents about three people who pose as utility workers but are in fact, burglars. we spoke to one woman today who was victimize earlier this month but did not want to be identified. she says a man claimed to be from the water department and needed to check her basement. while that was happening the others went upstairs and stole money, electronics and a handgun. this has happened at least three times in the past month. >> don't spend too much time talking to them. shut the door, lock the door and call police we will investigate what's going on. >> i'm trusting and it's sad that you can't be trusting anymore. >> reporter: the men use a walkie-talkie to communicate with each other.
10:40 pm
jan brewer has until midnight to veto a bill, sign it or do nothing and it would become law. the bill allows business owners to deny business to gay or lesbians. hanging in the balance the state's economy. the nfl says it's policies advocate tolerance. apple, american airlines, delta airlines, yelp,mariott and at&t have all come out against the measure. stanford allumn collins's jersey is already a number one seller. when he takes to the court tomorrow he will be wearing number 98 in honor of matthew shepherd. shepherd was the university of wyoming student who was killed in a hate crime back in 1998. new at 10:00, the san francisco unified district
10:41 pm
approved a landmark policy that will limit suspensions of students considered willfully defiant. the vote was unanimous. the suspensions typically affect students of color in a disproportionate rate. the vote makes san francisco the second state. >> students of color are receiving extremely harsh discipline, they're the majority that are getting suspension and expulsion. we want to really change that. >> the policies will be rolled out over the next three years and will require schools to pursue alternative discipline. general motors issued a rare apology as tate expanded
10:42 pm
the -- as they expanded the list of recalled vehicles. bringing the total to 1.3 million. the problem was with the ignition switch that can be turned off by a heavy key chain or when jostled on bumpy roads. that cause it is eny to shut off and can render air bags useless. here are the latest vehicles involved. 2003 to 2007saturn ion compacts. in the same years the chevy cobalt and pontiac g5. palo alto tesla received top ranks. the sedan was voted best last year too marking the first time best for an electric car. the honor helped send tesla stock to $238 a share. the broader markets didn't fair
10:43 pm
as well. the dow dropped 37 points. nasdaq fell five. a report that showed a drop in consumer confidence triggered the selling. a one two punch tomorrow and friday. our chief meteorologist bill martin fine tuning his forecast he is back in five minutes. >> coming up next a repeat offendser returning to the streets only to offend again. two investigate it is vicious cycle and why it's so difficult to break. [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
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tonight 2 investigates the repeated belief of a criminal from jail who then continues to commit crimes. the man in this surveillance video has been arrested and set free time and time again. in fact, police have arrested him 22 times for the same thing. >> eric rasmussen looks at his case and looks at what it will take to get repeat offenders
10:46 pm
like him off the street. >> do i look like i would hurt somebody? do i look like i'm a criminal. >> reporter: it's after midnight in front of the sauna market. pitman is in a familiar place in the back of a police car. >> have you been arrested before? >> millions of the times. they always arrest me. >> reporter: surveillance cameras recorded arresting pitman for 22 times. his crime violating probation and a restraining order to get away from this store. pitman had just gotten out of jail for the same violation a few days earlier. a store manager clearly fed up. >> what did i do wrong? >> always you do this, you asking people for money. >> reporter: ktvu started looking into pitman's story
10:47 pm
when he was arrested in december. a judge sentenced him to 90 days in jail but that sentence was cut in half. with time served pitman spent an additional 22 days. >> i think people would hear that and think it's not a very long sentence. >> i think we need to work with the law. >> reporter: the max punishment is six months in jail. yet employees customers even police say pitman is not harmless. court documents say officers found him carrying a two to 4- inch dagger. last year pitman was blocking traffic in front of the store on telegraph. >> we understand why people are frustrated and i think that we do everything we can to work with the community. >> are there enough resources right now in the bay area for this kind of situation? >> well, there really aren't. >> reporter: eduardo vega is
10:48 pm
the head. vega says breaking the cycle requires a cycle on prevention not just punishment. >> it's about preventing someone from giving people options so they don't have to get help in order to get anything. right now our system has failed first. >> reporter: back in court again last week pitman pleaded no contest it got him another 22 days in jail but also a refer to an alameda mental health department. >> you can't fall back in this quickly again. you understand that? >> yes. >> reporter: but those who know pitman worry it won't be enough. >> we know sometimes things don't get done until someone gets hurt and we don't want that to happen here. >> reporter: once pitman gets out of jail in july he will no longer be on probation but that
10:49 pm
restraining order will still be in effect. nice looking day today. we got temperatures that got up to the 60s and low 70s. we have weather systems ready to impact us. here comes weather system number one. it's starting to move in now. you can see green starting to move on shore. none of this hitting the ground but indication of how much moisture is available to this next or this first in a series of two storms that are going to move through the bay area over the next 72 hours. the winds right now are relatively light. the winds as we head into tomorrow night like tomorrow night this time we'll be showing you 20 to 30-mile an hour winds out of a southerly direction. right now the wind is light. it's going to bring rain, wind as well. winds down in the san jose area can easily be 20 miles per hour. rain shows up at the north most of our commutes are dry. there we go at noontime it's starting to get wet especially
10:50 pm
in the north bay. then by the 5:00 commute, it's wet. rainy, windy. now we push forward. we go past into thursday. thursday is a little bit of a break day. you have winder storm warnings in the mown -- you have winter storm warnings in the mountains. scattered showers here. thursday afternoon's commute. you get a little break. friday morning 7:00 a.m. it's raining. not as much wind, not as much rain but still inclement weather for the friday morning commute. then we look at the saturday commute and scattered showers moving out. probably still have a winter storm warning in the mountains. that warning will track into the mountains. three day rain totals wednesdays and fridays storms. these are just the computer models saying it's going to rain almost two inches. that's significant stuff. i suspect in these coastal hills we can see four inches of rain maybe five inches of rain. you get the idea these low
10:51 pm
lying areas like napa, san jose. that's a nice looking weather system for this time of year in february it's a nice looking system. there are two. wednesday and friday. it's combined rainfall accumulation. i think the friday morning commute gets whacked and those are big deals there'll also be wet roadways for the evening and mornings commute on both those days as well. tuesday looks a little sketchy as well. it is february. that's what the five day is supposed to look like in february. we just haven't seen that. that thursday break is huge because if we do get three inches of rain in petaluma we will get a chance to go down. >> your five day is so nice for a while with all the sunshine now they're so busy with the clouds and the rain. >> thank you bill. it's starting to look like winter but it's the start of
10:52 pm
spring training. and the angels have already named the starter. >> madison baumgartner. rewarded today for his great season by getting that nod against arizona. a guy that we would love to see return to the off field program. the panda not worried about that. >> i'm trying to get slim again. i don't lose the power, don't lose the speed. that i was gaining when i was working out. there's a lot of things out there that i was doing the swing and all those things to get ready. i feel great. >> reporter: meanwhile college hoop out of hand ugly for the
10:53 pm
spartans and san jose state tonight. out of their hands literally for the aztec's literally on them. san diego state taking advantage. winston shepherd colliding in for two of his dozen. here to skyler spencer and the dunk you see it again. nice work with the high percentage shot. dwayne boley had 12. 90 to 64 and believe it or not it was not even that close. most 49er fans will just assume have their team lock up jim harbaugh be done with it. juicy story floating around tonight. sports more of it in a moment. seize your vacation with a southwest airlines sale.
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with all the talk swirling around the 49ers and coach harbaugh says time to move on to another rumor. this photo by edward kind of hanging out and discussing the future. jones drew is a local product and would probably love to move to a contender after a few years with jacksonville but there's a fellow by the name of frank gore that is top with the
10:57 pm
niners until further notice. i wouldn't put too much into a friendly snapshot as of yet. it's not a rumor or hearsay it's fact. the warriors have won 12 straight. hard pressed to keep that going in chicago tomorrow night. although the bulls will becoming back to backers in atlanta. take a look at tj auguts to the -- augustin. and if you never sat court side at an nba game you can imagine how much it costs to get those tickets. how did you like that? dudley of new orleans meeting a fan head on. doused him with a beer, plenty wet but looks to me he was taking it like a pretty good sport. that's the sports life for a tuesday night. >> i love that. >> you have to pay. you have to watch out to sit court side. >> and h -- he had a jason t-
10:58 pm
shirt on. >> and tomorrow morning, a productive look at the commute. >> good night.
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
jay, should i get rid of this? the hat, the jacket, or the cane? actually, yes. just yes. we're having a yard sale for our social studies class to raise money for unicef. the point is for us to learn about global altruism. no, the point is for us to raise more money than miss cooper's class so we get a pizza and a pool party. your cynicism makes me sad for our world. ease up, delgado. i've seen you with a pizza. ugh. i hate garage sales. bunch of shady characters going through my stuff. why can't i just write a check? ay, relax, jay. it's just a couple of people in the driveway. yeah, that's where it starts. then it's, "it's just a local call." "can i use your bathroom?" "my mother needs to lie down." no, it just stinks. he did write a check. shh! the less he knows, the better. you're not even here anymore. but it's my stuff.
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